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Stained Glass

Stained Glass to inspire the Spiritual Soul

Moyalan Stained Glass, the leading Professional Studio in India, specializes in crafting Original Leaded Stained Glass for Churches, Catholic Institutions and Homes using different coloured imported glasses, which are cut according to colours and designs; shaped, stained, furnace fired and joined together with Lead to form soul inspiring panels which lasts for decades and centuries.

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Architectural Glass

Moyalan Ceramics, India’s leading Architectural Art Studio, custom crafts a range of exclusive products like Leaded Stained Glass, Glazed Roof Tiles, Acid Etching and Engraving on Glass, Imitation Painted Glass, Stained Glass Mosaic, Tiffany Lamp shades and more…

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Stone Crafts

The splendour of Stone for floors and wall finishes

Mosaic Carpets
Moyalan Stone Craft introduces the decorative art of Mosaic – a fascinating art form with a long and glorious history. Its enormous potential in interior design and architecture as functional flooring, wall or ceiling cover has been exploited for centuries. Now in its refined form as tiles, natural stones like marble, granite, slate, sandstone, pebbles etc. are handcrafted and hand decorated to create contemporary styles as also reproduction of classic designs.

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  Moyalan Ceramics
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Thrissur, Kerala, India
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