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The splendour of Stone for floors and wall finishes

Mosaic Carpets
Moyalan Stone Craft introduces the decorative art of Mosaic – a fascinating art form with a long and glorious history. Its enormous potential in interior design and architecture as functional flooring, wall or ceiling cover has been exploited for centuries. Now in its refined form as tiles, natural stones like marble, granite, slate, sandstone, pebbles etc. are handcrafted and hand decorated to create contemporary styles as also reproduction of classic designs. Painstakingly created, these Mosaic Tiles have an exclusive identity. The ueven feel, small chippings, blemishes, colour variations, pinholes etc., enhance its natural handcrafted effect.

Mosaic Tiles are also crafted using ceramic hand painted tiles, glass tesserae, vitrified tiles, shells, metals, semi-precious stones, terracotta, antique stones etc. to adore entire floors, walls, ceilings etc. of living rooms, kitchens, doorways, pillars, pathways, courtyards, stairs, pools, baths, porches, facades, furniture ….

A wide range of designs are available or custom made patterns can be crafted in various combinations. Supplied as ready to lay tiles and mats, installation is easy and so is maintenance, giving you hassle free beauty for years and decades.
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